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New research from Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 tracks the rise and fall of illicit XMR mining in the cloud. New research has found that cryptojacking, or the illegal use of someone else’s computing resources to mine cryptocurrencies, has quietly decreased for the first time since 2018.

If a company takes too long to pay, the ransomware gang piles on the pressure by worrying their customers. Ransomware gangs have a pretty easy time of it already. They hack into a company server, encrypt all their data, demand payment, and wait. But what if the victim drags their feet on paying the ransom? The gangs have a new tactic to add even more pressure to the situation in an attempt to force payment quickly.

Iron Fish is betting there is still a demand for privacy coins in a crowded market. A new coin has begun swimming in the privacy coin pool. Iron Fish ($IRON), which protects transactions using zk-SNARKs, is launching its public testnet today, the culmination of nearly two years of building. Anyone can now run and mine a full Iron Fish node.

A gunrunner who imported guns to Liverpool from America using the Dark Web is on the run after escaping open prison. Joseph Halsall, 25, is on the run after absconding from an open conditions jail in Warrington at 4.30am.

This Privacy Coin Will Witness 300% Gains by the End of the Year, According to Coin Bureau. Popular crypto analyst Coin Bureau is explaining why one privacy coin has “so much potential,” and could see astronomical gains by the end of the year.

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