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A user poll conducted by Kraken has revealed that most traders are expecting Bitcoin (BTC) to break into new all-time highs before 2021. The poll analyzed the responses of 400 “VIP” crypto traders on Kraken: 41% of respondents described themselves as “investors”, 40% identified as “traders”, and 15% as “institutions” — with the remaining 4% comprising payment processors, crypto exchanges and miners.

Bitcoin (BTC) addresses holding 1 BTC are on the rise — but only a maximum of 800,000 people currently own a whole coin. That is according to data released on March 28, which put the total number of wallets containing at least 1 BTC at all-time highs. The figures from monitoring resource Glassnode claim that 797,420 wallets now have a balance equal to or more than a whole Bitcoin. The number has increased by 101 wallets in the past 24 hours.

Since dropping to $24.05 during the strong marketwide correction that occurred on March 12, Monero (XMR) has rallied 99.5% and currently trades at $49.  The recent recovery occurred on consistently strong purchasing volume and the altcoin has spent the last 10 days trading in an ascending channel. At the time of writing the XMR/USDT pair has pulled back slightly after touching the main trendline of the ascending channel at $50.96 but the pattern of higher lows has remained intact since March 20 even as pullbacks occur.

Developers of the TON blockchain are still considering deployment, despite injunctive ruling by the U.S. court. Fedor Skuratov, a spokesperson for TON Community Foundation, a community of TON developers, told us that the recent unfavorable decisions by the U.S. court did not catch them by surprise.

Bitcoin rebounded close to 20% in a 24-hour period Thursday, recovering much of the value it lost during last week’s crash, as stocks continued to sputter. Other major cryptocurrencies like ether, XRP, litecoin and bitcoin cash were all up more than 15% as well, but analysts have warned that it might just be a “dead cat bounce” that will soon fall again.

Bitcoin mixing, the practice of scrambling one’s bitcoin with others in order to obscure the connection between an individual’s identity and coin address information, has seen a number of innovations over the last decade. Some of the early mixing efforts took the simple form of two coin holders privately agreeing to swap coins in like amounts and led to the formation of transaction aggregation services, crypto tumblers, Lightning, and the practice of moving coin balances through interim coins like Dash or Monero, or others.

A court case is underway in the United States that could become a watermark decision for Bitcoin transaction privacy and compliance law. Larry Harmon of Ohio — who, incidentally, owns the Coin Ninja media site — was recently charged and arrested for money laundering some 350,000 bitcoin (roughly $300 million at the time of the indictment) through his custodial mixing service, Helix.

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