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Operators Have 15 Days to Explain Data Leak to Brazil's Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice's Consumer Protection and Defense Department is asking cell phone operators for explanations of the recent leakage data from more than 100 million of customers, including phone number, associated metadata (such as draft and account value) and personal information. Companies have 15 days to respond.

The goal is to find out which companies are the source of the leak, what data was leaked and how. According to the website Neofeed, a criminal claimed to have obtained data from 57,2 million Vivo customers and 45,6 million Claro customers, and is selling this information in clandestine forums on “Deep web.”For $ 1 (about R $ 5,40) per name.

Among the leaked data are those of the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro. They include bill amount, minutes spent per day, cell phone number, membership, date of birth and social security number. The president also had data leaked in another incident, a mega leak which exposed information from more than 220 million Brazilians.

ANPD investigates the case

The leak of operator data was discovered on the 3rd of this month by PSafe, a company specialized in cyber security who also discovered mega leak.

The company was unable to find evidence that both operators were actually the source of the leaks. In a declaration to the TV Globo, they stated that they did not identify the occurrence of data leakage and that they are collaborating with the authorities.

The National Data Protection Agency (ANPD) informs that "it is taking all appropriate measures" to investigate the case, and called the Federal Police, PSafe, who denounced the fact, and the operators involved. The objective is that the entities help in the investigation and in the adoption of security measures to contain and reduce the risks related to the leakage of personal data of the affected consumers.

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