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We live in a world dominated by the internet. You can do almost everything online in 2021: Shop for clothes and food, communicate with both loved ones and total strangers, even plan an attack on the nation's capital if you so choose. One of the first websites to really explore how much could be done on the internet, laws and morals be damned, was the Silk Road website that from about 2011-2014 allowed savvy users to buy drugs or other illegal goods and services via the dark web and then-new cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

An Australian man has been arrested in Germany, accused of operating the biggest illegal marketplace on the darknet. Prosecutors allege the 34-year-old sold drugs, forged money, stolen or forged credit cards, anonymous mobile phone SIM cards and malware on the site, known as DarkMarket.

World Market is a relative newcomer to the Darknet Market scene, established November last year. However, unlike many other upcoming markets, this new marketplace seems to be picking up speed quite fast and already boasts a catalog of over 2000 listings, most of which come from well-established, reputable vendors.

Stolen data from some 110million US voters is allegedly up for sale on the dark web including addresses, phone numbers and IDs. The US Sun discovered a massive trove of election data in the internet's hidden layer where users can also buy drugs, credit card details and fake IDs.

While the United Kingdom announced the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to the population drug dealers is selling ‘Pfizer COVID Vaccines.’

A study revealed that darknet markets have astonishing figures so far in 2020, despite the coronavirus pandemic, but the dynamics changed compared to the last year’s numbers.

As a teen he would pretend to be a drug dealer on video games. Years later this baby-faced Aussie was behind a $17m drug ring. A 26-year-old man raking in thousands of dollars a day selling drugs on the dark web has told a court he “didn’t take it very seriously” and “used to role play as a drug trafficker” on video games as a teenager.

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A darkweb cocaine and heroin trafficker has
Sensitive information of over 100 million debit
Police have arrested a man who hired a gang of
An "immature" MDMA dealer who used his own name
Hackers break into databases, steal their
Personal data is being sold on the dark web for
Cybercriminals can use stolen information for
Ireland’s crime gangs have increased their use of
The CCB caught the programmer while they were
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