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World Market: Quick Overview

World Market is a relative newcomer to the Darknet Market scene, established November last year. However, unlike many other upcoming markets, this new marketplace seems to be picking up speed quite fast and already boasts a catalog of over 2000 listings, most of which come from well-established, reputable vendors.

World Market has a spartan, yet familiar user interface with its no-frills menus and a welcome lack of resource-intensive animations or JavaScript. This marketplace was coded from the ground up by the team that is currently in charge of running it, meaning that the website's source is closed and less susceptible to security vulnerabilities, which can't be said about Eckmar-based DarkMarket, for example.

We've 'invited' the creator and main administrator behind World Market, Lovelace, for an interview with DWF:

DWF: Thanks for agreeing for an interview with us.

Lovelace: Sure, no problem.

DWF: First off, what pushed you to start your own Darknet Market? What is your 'end game' plan and where do you see yourself and your market in the near future?

Lovelace: Sure there's a lot of other new markets popping up left and right, but as we all know, most of these are shit markets only there to scam their users. They're there for short term gains - open up, get enough coins in escrow, and once the time is right, exit. This is not what we're here for - our goal is to build and maintain a strong, stable, and secure market everyone can trust. And we'll keep our promise to the T.

DWF: That's good to hear. In what other ways is your market different from the rest? Why should a potential vendor or buyer choose your market over anyone else's?

Lovelace: Well, our market, as we've already established, isn't just some random script. The codebase is bespoke and all the routines have been programmed by us from the ground up. Most new markets buy their scripts, which means that if a bug is found, all other markets are likely to suffer from it as well. Also, you never know for sure if your market isn't running code that shouldn't belong in a darknet market, which is a big red flag.

DWF: Do you plan on hiring new members for your moderation team? If so, what do you look for in a prospective new hire?

Lovelace: We are not looking for outsiders, we've got enough manpower as it is. If you want to work for us, tough luck, look somewhere else. The problem with the darknet is that you can never fully trust anyone and hiring random anons is never a good idea for any market. We've already seen good markets fall just because they hired unrealiable people.

DWF: Have you got anything else to add, something that your prospective customers / partners might want to keep in mind?

Lovelace: We're here to stay. We're here to provide a service to our customers way above what anyone else is offering. We do not offer free vendorships to random vendors because we care about the quality of service on our platform. We charge a 5% fee because that's what ensures our long-term profitability and stability - and, therefore, the safety of your funds. Don't believe in other markets that target unrealistic goals. That's all I've got to say.

DWF: Thank you very much for your time.

Lovelace: My pleasure.

Note: If you're interested in visiting World Market, you can do so by clicking here: World Market


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